• my favorite pass time is lying down, looking at the clouds (possible lonely island quote)
  • i love horror movies, but can't watch them alone
  • i'm the kind of person that makes jokes to hide their feelings
  • if i had the chance i would move to a farm right now.
  • i find it hard to take compliments, or i just don't believe them myself
  • i don't spend that much time outside now, but when i was a kid i basically lived outdoors
  • i have really high expectations for myself
  • im pretty laid back, but i like things going my way
  • i have never been camping before but want to really bad
  • im painfully average, so no one remembers my name
  • i have extremely good hearing and almost all of the time hear you, i'm just ignoring you.


mar 18 2010 ∞
jan 14 2011 +