• takada kenta.
  • january 10, 1995.
  • occupation: pro gamer. / captain of a pro overwatch team.


  • generally quite cheerful and very friendly, he tends to try and look at the bright side of every situation.
  • it's hard to tell when he's having a bad day, he usually keeps up a positive attitude and doesn't like when people worry about him.
  • pretty energetic and easily excitable, especially when it comes to things he likes. he always does his best to motivate others and support those he cares about.
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  • has been playing video games since he was a kid. he didn't even consider esports as a viable career for himself until he started getting noticed for being really good at overwatch.
  • went to university with the intent of becoming a vet so he could have the "respectable, well paying job" his parents wanted. he dropped out after only two years to pursue pro gaming full time.
  • in his free time he can usually be found streaming games on twitch to make extra money, or helping his sister sana out (read: mostly sitting around doing nothing) at their family's ice cream store.
  • has a huge soft spot for animals and would own at least seven pets if he could.
  • lives off of energy drinks and definitely doesn't get as much sleep as he should.
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  • gmt-5.
  • dm me for anything! i'm open to pretty much all types of plots and pre-established relationships.
  • mirror lit. prefer 3rd or 2nd pov. i'm kind of bad at starters please bear with me.
  • sometimes i'm slow (read: forgetful) with replies, don't hesitate to give me a little nudge if i haven't gotten to something in a while!
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