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  • If you have talked to me in the past months or years ago, you still don't know me. I still may exist as a previous version of me in your mind, but it doesn't define me anymore. NEWSFLASH: I'm constantly changing and learning :)
  • If you are my friend who has lost contact with me for a long time, let's date or catch up. I would love to hear your stories wholeheartedly. I'm sorry that I also can't keep in touch. However, I understand that we have our own lives and that's ok.
  • Reach out to me via email if you can't message me (because I set strict privacy settings on my fb account)
  • My facebook and my day are set on friends privacy for a reason. I hope you would respect that especially if you are my fb friend.
  • To the acquaintances who are interested being friends with me virtually: I appreciate and want to try becoming friends with you as well. However, please do understand that it usually takes time for me to accept friend request for personal reasons. You can still send me an email with your random thoughts, stories, and interests ♡
  • My default face is poker face. It seems intimidating but I'm completely harmless owo
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