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Don't follow if:

  • You won't tag my triggers
  • You follow the basic DFI criteria
  • You don't see me as my ids or kins
  • You are here to stalk me. Don't even TRY to follow.
  • You hate my friends. Hi, what are you doing here?
  • You hate venting, since i vent a lot
  • you HATE pda posts

Do follow if:

  • You see me as my ids and kins!!
  • You want to be friends with me!! I'm very friendly!!
  • You id or kin as my comfort characters! (if i haven't found them yet)
  • You have the same interests as me!!
  • You wouldn't mind me spamming a lot, or possibly dming you a lot,,
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Hi there! I'm Chloe! But please, only call me that if you are my partner, or a close friend. (If my shift isn't Chloe, and you don't mean Chloe Price.)

  • I am a minor. And rather not say my relationship status. (Unless you are following)
  • My english will be bad, please forgive me on this
  • One of my biggest interests is the windows history..dont ask why. it just is.
  • I really like Simon Curtis, and Senses Fail! I also love lo-fi music..
  • DM me for my other interests!
  • I am friendly and I love making new friends !!! But keep in mind I get nervous to DM people,and I have moments when I get nervous to talk to anyone..
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These are things that I'd want to be tagged, or not see at all!

  • First one is na///e///ga///mi or to///ga///ki///ri. It seems stupid, but friends can ask why I need these tagged.
  • When talking about my ex. (Ask who) Thinking about things I told her, and she told me can make me very upset. Close friends are allowed to ask.
  • The name Syndey, Damian, Coco, and the last one i wont say. (just ask).
  • Character or ship hate that are of my IDS / Kins, comfort characters, or ships. I have really bad experience and rather not talk about it.
  • Celestia Ludenberg, nothing against her it's just I associate my ex with her.
  • Ce//le//gi//ri. It reminds me heavily of my ex and I will get upset for hours
  • Ce//le//ga//mi.
  • Iruma Miu hate. I WILL BLOCK if this does...
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