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it/he • 20 • nonbinary • gay
white • mentol illness • neurodivergent


hey! welcome to my vent account.

  • please only send a follow request if we're mutuals on my main acc! if we're not mutuals i will immediately deny you.
  • if i deny your frq, please don't send multiple. i usually only deny because we're not that close or i overall don't feel comfortable letting you follow. i may talk about heavy things here, so my privacy is important to me.
  • i mostly use this account to vent about personal issues, talk about current events, or mostly just talk and ramble.
  • this account is and always will be SFW.
  • if i let you follow it means i trust you, so Please don't take advantage of that. never leak my tweets and confront me if there is an issue.

please additionally make sure to read my pinned tweet if following. thank you for reading!

jul 17 2020 ∞
oct 1 2020 +