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on the field i remember you were incredible
hey shut up, hey shut up, yeah

sunny follows:

── about me

  • he/him preferred, any pronouns accepted
  • panromantic androsexual
  • lawful good & isfj - a cinnamon roll quietly preaching about justice
  • 70% finnish, 25% swedish, 5% misc
  • birthday's april 13th
  • (nearly) professional computer technician & amateur programmer
  • stay-at-home nocturnal goth witch
  • won't properly wake up without caffeine... or fall asleep without melatonin
  • agnostic, not part of any church but believes in spirits (such as souls) and reincarnation
  • has a three month old son called قسمت (kismet)
  • plot twist it's a cat
mar 27 2019 ∞
oct 29 2019 +