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you should really come with a supply of cheese to match your vintage whine.

  • sailor moon (mostly animeverse + some pgsm & new!myu)
  • fire emblem (i've played games 7-16, heroes, and warriors. read other people's playthroughs of 4/5/6. i tried to play 6 but did a really bad job. my favorites are radiant dawn and awakening, somewhat oddly)
  • ace attorney (all of em but investigations 2 and the original trilogy are my faves)
  • fullmetal alchemist (brotherhood/manga)
  • yona of the dawn/akatsuki no yona (anime & manga)
  • silver spoon/gin no saji (anime & manga)
  • dungeon meshi/delicious in dungeon
  • bravely default
  • octopath traveler
  • radiant historia
  • style savvy, esp styling star
  • dragon quest (only xi so far)
  • pokemon, animal crossing, fantasy life, ever oasis, other cutesy 3ds rpgs
  • dcau (justice league, teen titans, gltas, young justice, beware the batman)
  • gravity falls
  • atla, not really into lok except for korrasami
  • stardew valley
  • my time at portia
  • some zeldas, mostly botw
  • smash bros (as a filthy casual)
  • various mario games
  • she-ra and the princesses of power
  • taz/mcelroys/polygon stuff sometimes, but very much not a stan
  • harry potter but again v critical, jkr is dead to me
  • sometimes other cartoons and video games
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