✎ . . . first of all, welcome. i love red velvet with all my heart. and for a great time, listen. enjoy!

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marina. — cancer, june 29th, 14 years. an infp-t soul. she/her.

i like. . .

positivity, literature in geral, cartoons, disney, puppies, art, write, plants, flowers, aesthetic, science, photography, soft songs, kpop, khh, krnb, red velvet, loona, kim yerim, whi, different cultures (of various countries), starry nights, astronomy, fantasy and romance movies, hot beverages, draw, colors, spring, autumn, rainy days, sky, sun and moon.

— my motto is ❝be loved❞ and ❝be gentle, always.❞ ♡

mar 14 2018 ∞
mar 30 2018 +