• Please do not follow me if you are under 18! I am 23 years old and uncomfortable being put in a position where I could unknowingly take advantage of a minor.
  • I have been diagnosed with depression/social anxiety/GAD and do talk about that on my account, sometimes without tags. I often talk about it and use humor as a coping mechanism, so if that makes you uncomfortable I would recommend not following!
  • I do try to tag certain things if they contain violence or extremely toxic thought processes but I'm not perfect and often forget. I tweet a lot in the heat of the moment and cannot guarantee tags. I do not currently tag pictures of food, but if asked would do so.
  • I talk a lot and yell and curse often. It is something I am self conscious about and if it annoys or bothers you I would rather you not follow. I get very anxious about perceiving myself as annoying to other people.
  • I appreciate (private) confrontation if I have hurt or offended anyone. I would much rather someone come to me so I can make it right and would appreciate you considering this before following.

My DMs @yoongichus are open or if mutuals you can ask for my number! I'm always willing to answer any questions about my BYF or anything else!

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