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  • I never say something if I don't mean it.
  • I can't lie. My conscience is too heavy.
  • Not showing your emotions doesn't mean you're heartless or don't love. Besides, too much demonstration can seem meaningless or at least doesn't especially mean you care.
  • I'm not comfortable with myself, so I don't open as much as I should to others, and I feel like people don't get me right.
  • I'm way too complicated.
  • I'm picky.
  • I overthink and analyse every situation.
  • I'm Libra. And it's cliché to say that but I can't decide. I hate risk and I hate feeling that every choice I make could be the wrong decision. If it was possible I'd like to see both sides and then make my choice. But it wouldn't be life otherwise.
  • I easily forgive, but never forget.
  • I stare too much at people and it's hard to control it.
  • I like looking through the windows of Parisian apartments, seeing the interior, imagining the cocoon in which total strangers live.
  • Everyday before I turn off the light, I read a book. Even if it's only for ten minutes. I'm upset if I don't read some pages.
  • I have problems to sleep somewhere else than in my own bed.
  • I have expensive tastes, I admit it, but I'm always looking for simplicity.
  • I may complain about it but it's when I have a billion things to do that I feel the most alive.
  • I have an addiction for bags and lingerie.
  • I like filling this list. It makes me wonder about who I am :)
  • I secretly wish (though it's not a secret anymore) a guy will someday learn about all that stuffs by himself and love me for those little things that define my personality.
  • Best places/moments for a good cry : right before falling asleep or in the shower.
  • I take hot showers. And while the water is really hot, I like to lean back against the cold tiled wall above the bathtube.
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