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sep 16 2008 ∞
dec 31 2011 +
user picture moute: Han, je savais pas que t'avais commencé HIMYM D: may 28 2009
user picture leaoute: Pas eu l'occasion de te le dire :P
user picture lorraine: You should totally add Supernatural and The Amazing Race to your list, they're both fantastic! :D dec 26 2009
user picture leaoute: oh thanks for the recs! Never heard of The Amazing Race though!
user picture lorraine: There are episodes for both on, TAR isn't great image quality until later seasons but so funny. Watching people race around the world doing silly tasks to win $1million is fantastic.
user picture moute: The Offiiiiiiiiice. You need to keep going :D jan 15 2010
user picture leaoute: yesyesyes, of course ;D
user picture Chelsea: You should watch One Tree Hill. (: apr 25 2010