words from the past

  • "just because you feel it, doesn't mean it's there"
    • radiohead
  • "took care of the heartburn, but died from all the side effects"
    • rob sonic
  • "how i hate you, 'cause you're lonely, and you know how to forget me"
    • the controls
  • "i sleep with one eye open while the other two drift together specimens from the promised land"
    • aesop rock
  • "i don't mind you hanging out, and talking in your sleep, it doesn't matter where you've been, as long as it was deep, yeah"
    • the cars
  • "why bring a daughter or son into a planet that you're paying to drink the water from?"
    • leak bros.
  • "every thousand years this metal sphere, ten times the size of jupiter, floats just a few yards past the earth, you climb on your roof and take a swipe at it with a single feather, hit it once every thousand years, 'til you've worn it down to the size of a pea, yeah i'd say that's a long time, but it's only half a blink in the place you're gonna be"
    • built to spill
  • "i'll wear my badge, a vinyl sticker with big block letters adherent to my chest, that tells your new friends i am a visitor here, i am not permanent"
    • the postal service
  • "we might have been born yesterday, friends, but we stayed up all night, right?"
    • el-p
  • "love is a battlefield"
    • pat benatar
  • "i'd rather put out my own hot shit, then to deal with these filthy cunt twat licks"
    • poison pen
  • "oh yeah, i knew the percentages, but the numbers were unaware of the grand finale's emphasis"
    • aesop rock
  • "i'm thinking y'all are a mess too, but insecurities'll make your bio sound less cool"
    • aesop rock
  • "there's nothing worse than ordinary"
    • the plastic constellations
  • "you don't want to be overlooked, but you don't want to be looked over too much"
    • aesop rock
  • "i haven't seen so many whack ducks since i first got my nintendo"
    • babbletron
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