Today, I did quite a bit, despite only sleeping a few hours this morning.

  • read 2 really good POTO fanfics (Per Innamorarsi & Letting Go)
  • took pills around 9
  • managed to get to sleep this morning
  • had a long shower (helped w flu & back & neck pain)
  • wrote my first Riverkids mentor letter (only 4 more notes to go)
  • held the envelope with the card(more like letter) from my grandparents without feeling extremely anxious
  • put the letter away without feeling guilty
  • slept for 2h this evening despite fireworks going off
  • didn't put myself down cause I didn't go to see any fireworks today or yesterday
  • let Purdey out of the room and got back to sleep
  • I was able to whisper much more today, and without coughing every time (even Adam seemed happy about it :-P )
nov 5 2011 ∞
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