• hung up the old Advent calendar my mum bought years ago (the wooden bar at the bottom is broken and we did not try to repair it this year)
  • repaired the Advent calendar: the gold foil numbers were falling off so I traced them and then filled them in with an oil based silver marker pen. It looks fantastic.
  • we got advent gifts for each other and managed to fit them in the pockets (with a few exceptions eg. Oreos even mini ones are huge!) I got so stressed out only to realize Adam really didn't have any and I could fill about half of it at least. Spent hours ebaying and browsing and coming up with cute handmade ideas, then got a bunch of treats, so will not use all my ideas.
  • ordered some gifts from Amazon, including some for Adam
  • made plans with parents early: they're coming here
  • ordered 1 xmas music indie album
  • listened to the new Michael Bubble album and was very disapointed. I'm going to try to find one or two songs I actually like still.
  • made a list of current Projects using Evernote and tagged the ones I'm doing this December as "priority". This involved postponing a lot of other ongoing projects which was hard but I'm far less stressed and worried now
  • started declutering the wardrobe, as the 1st part of clearing the living room so we can have the dining table in the middle for 6 people to use
  • started swapping my winter clothes. I know it's very late, but this autumn has been extremely mild and when it got cold I got a really bad flu for 3 weeks.
  • Liked my gifts Wishlist on Facebook (and posted Oxfam links too). I hope people check with each other so I don't get doubles.
dec 7 2011 ∞
dec 7 2011 +