• My Furry Friend & I by Skylarz (last)

High schoolers Seulgi's (16yo) and Irene's (17yo)life. Seulgi's a little special and irene like her 'special'.


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  • "our love is great" by unbalancedlove

mark lee is the youngest son and heir to the largest corporation in south korea.

donghyuck is his brand new personal assistant.


  • Just One Last Time Again, You Are The Trouble I’m In by phoriajimin

Mark really thought he was straight.

Until Donghyuck.

Until his pretty eyes, his addicting presence, and Mark’s inability to stay away from him. Especially when his life intertwines with the pretty boy’s. Mark is always alone with him, and he wanted too much to say no.

Lying was so easy, keeping it a secret was so easy, but falling in love—wasn’t.

Mark was so, so fucked. https://archiveofourown.org/works/338688...

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  • "runner boy and his cup" by jenhyung

Jeno is convinced that he’s terrible at dating. He wants someone to practice with, and who better with than his best friend, Renjun. — Jeno / Renjun (Highschool!AU)


  • of soggy fries and your smile by tostitos

Working the late night shift at a twenty-four hour McDonalds is kind of like being suspended in a weird limbo between the world of the intellectual living and actual Hell but Taeyong would be lying if he said he doesn’t have a little bit of a crush on the cute brunet who comes in the middle of the night every so often, points out his order of a large iced tea with a smile that makes Taeyong weak, and does work on his Macbook until whenever he de...

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  • "The Bird Outside My Window" by sizhanu

In his heart, he bids farewell to his youth. Never will he worry for someone the way he had worried for Lee Minhyung. Never will he yearn for someone the way he had yearned for Lee Minhyung. Goodbye to the halcyon days and summer nights. Goodbye to his dreams and his fears. Goodbye to Lee Minhyung who had abandoned the world for someone like Lee Donghyuck. Goodbye to Lee Minhyung who had loved him since the beginning of time.

Alternatively: Donghyuck is pregnant with Mark's baby. He runs away and raises the child as a single parent. 10 years later, they meet again.


  • "Gold Dust" by Kihyunie (ch 12)

Fate stumbles into Jeno’s life on a Wednesday afternoon in the form of a strange...

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  • "We Can Be Braver" by Kihyunie

Jeno knows Na Jaemin, of course he does.

Well, he knows of him anyway. There’s not a single person in this godforsaken high school who doesn’t. Jaemin is everywhere, up in everyone’s business. He hangs out with all the other cool kids and even the teachers greet him in the hallways.

So yes, Jeno knows of him, too, he doesn’t live under a rock, and they've talked, once or twice. But he doesn’t know him and that's fine because they frequent different crowds. Jeno keeps to himself.

Jaemin doesn’t. Jaemin keeps to everyone but to himself.

Everyone knows that, too.


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  • "you and i, zero mile" by hyuckheis

Jeno wonders whether anyone in his class is really a Legilimens. He doesn’t know that much about them or whether they’d even react to something so dumb like someone yelling internally. Regardless, Jeno is bored, and doesn’t see why he can’t at least try.

He takes a deep breath, ignoring the weird look from the Ravenclaw sitting next to him. He clears his head the best he can and closes his eyes, before imagining himself screaming at the top of his lungs.

A chair clatters to the floor, and Jeno opens his eyes. Renjun’s on the ground, with his hands over his ears.


  • "let's talk about love (i'm talking about you)" by eatthatup

Donghyuck is extremely oblivious and swim...

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  • "Living Costs" by ArchiveAE (ten/taeyong)

Taeyong never thought about getting a Sugar Daddy. Not until Johnny accidentally suggested it.

He certainly never imagined his new benefactor would be Seoul’s most eligible bachelor - young, attractive, and nauseatingly wealthy Ten.

Sometimes, his roommate’s ideas aren’t so terrible after all.


  • "The Brightest Stars Shine Here" by strawberrysummers

Away from the city lights and high rises, for the first time in fourteen years, Na Jaemin comes home. He comes home, to a place beyond the mountains where the river sings and the tall grass dance. To a place where a boy, raven-black hair and stri...

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