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My name is Lena and I’m 18 autumns old. I am above all things a observing and poetry seeking lone wolf. I fancy art, literature and videogames. I’m quite a homebody but nature is my second home.

lenalena follows:
greatghosts movies (2014)
art (photographers)
books (authors to further explore)
educational (topics to explore)
jess liddell books (october musts)
  • coffee
  • herbal tea
  • bittersweet wild apples
  • home baked carrot bread
  • dark rye bread with butter, cheese, ham, avokado, cucumber and tomato
  • smoked salmon
  • sparkling wine
  • homemade blueberry pie
  • chinese and thai food
  • feta cheese
  • homemade ham pie
  • apple juice
  • the iron-y taste of blood
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