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we could be ballin' ballin' for the night


my best boys: tendou satori, lev haiba, tamura yui, gon freecss.

favs: kashima yuu, ushijima wakatoshi, killua zoldyck, feitan portor, hisoka morow, kaminari denki, satou mafuyu, ryo asuka, yoonbum, okumura eiji, yukine, bokuto kotaro.

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  • movies: project x, mid90s, hot summer nights , le petit prince, call me by your name, parasite, stuck in love, welcome to the dollhouse, koe no katachi, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, era uma vez, coraline, studio ghibli movies, sixteen candles, rio, clueless, lady bird, paper towns, your name, scott pilgrim vs. the world, the duff.
  • dramas: while you were sleeping, extraordinary you, put your head on my shoulder, the world owes me a first love, wait my youth, i hear you, a love so beautiful, w, master devil do not kiss me, what's wrong with secretary kim?, itaewon class, my first first love, abyss, the liar and his love, cheese in the trap, extracurricular, because this is my first life, accidentally in love, well intended love, a little thing called first love.
  • series: everything sucks, outer banks, stranger things , baby, elite, love 101, the society, sex education, skins, american horror story, the end of the fucking world, on my block, i'm not okay with this, euphoria, anne with an e.
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"우산을 들어줄게 말하지 않아도 늘 곁에 있어줄게"

  • kawany, kay, or kakau.
  • she/her.
  • 21th may 2003.
  • gemini.
  • esfp-t.
  • bisexual.
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  • animes; haikyuu!!, noragami, bnha, hunter x hunter, kakegurui, death note, yarichin bitch club, banana fish, yuri!!! on ice, devilman crybaby, shingeki no kyojin, given, bungou stray dogs.
  • manhwa/mangas; cherry blossoms after winter, killing stalking, a guy like you, thirty years old, love or hate, painter of the night, i like you, yarichin bitch club, love is an illusion, window to window, make me bark, oh! my assistant, 19 days, sign, fools, blood bank, moonlight howling, bl motel, bj alex, a man of virtue, encirclement love, false memories.
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  • nam dohyon, ult.
  • ryu youngseo.
  • lee hangyul.

++ x1, loona.

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adventure time , spongebob squarepants, we bare bears, steven universe, regular show, rick and morty, teen titans, danny phantom.

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likes: lev, gon, tendou, sunny days, cats, movies, animes, manhwas, biology, adventure time, romance films, clichés, pink & yellow, hamburger, series, bruno mars, melanie martinez, kendrick lamar, doja cat and arctic monkeys.

dislikes: clowns, loud people, horror movies, insects, dust (i'm allergic), loud noises , cucumber, excessive cold and akgaes.

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