• Flower: White lilacs, wisteria.
      • Colour: Sage green.
      • Noise: The sound of quiet drawn out kisses, wind in trees, downpour on glass, cat-purrs.
      • Scents: Wet soil, lilacs, star-gazer lilies (in a hot room), dead leaves, coffee grounds, fir needles.
      • Feeling: The moment you get into hot bath water when you’re very chilled, gentle touches, the sand beneath your feet while in the ocean.
      • Time of day: The great yellow/orange cast of late summer afternoons.
      • Instrument: Harp, cello.
      • Season: Autumn.
      • Weather: Stormy (windy, rainy, lightning) or gentle snow.
      • Tea: Jasmine green tea.
      • Eye Colour: Hazel.
      • Clothing colour: Earth tones.
      • Music: Classical, indie-pop.
      • Animal: Small wild birds, cats.
      • Time of day: Just before dawn.
      • Accent: Irish
      • Name: (Boy:) Dmitri, Alec (Girl:) Sofie
      • Word: Brambles
      • Dessert: Raspberry cheesecake.
      • Language: Scandinavian languages hold a great appeal.. and Italian. Melodic. Russian is mysterious.
      • Book: The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas.
      • Tree: Lilac trees, great big willows, birches.
      • High School Subject: English and art.
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