Summer of 2014 I might be going to BC with the love of my lifetime, Aaron. We will climb, camp, explore, laugh, and learn. Here's what might go down.

  • Start: Omaha, NE
  • End: Squamish, BC

A list of the important places along the way.

  • Sioux Falls
    • Palisades State Park (Garrett, SD)
    • Maybe I could show Aaron the Dance Gallery (so many memories)
  • Black Hills
    • Mt Rushmore/Needles/Cathedral Spires (climbing)
  • What's in Spearfish, SD?
  • Yellowstone? I'm not even sure if the Interstate goes through the area that's close to the park.
  • Through various cities in Montana. Not sure what's in these cities but they look nice
  • Idaho: never been, but I'm sure there's some adventuring to be had along the way.
  • Spokane, WA. I've heard this place is pretty rad. There's gotta be some sweet outdoor shops there too (:
  • SEATTLE. A place I've wanted to go for so long that I have a map of the city on my bedroom wall. This needs to happen so I can truly see how great the city is. Pearl Jam AND Nirvana?
  • I also really want to see Puget Sound. If that means walking along the shore or taking a ferry or just driving past it (although I want to do a little more than that), it's gotta happen.
  • In driving up the coast I really want to make sure we take advantage of the water (even if it's cold as balls).
  • VANCOUVER! Another great city I've heard quite a lot about. What I hear is mostly hipster-y comments, so maybe we could see a show? Coffee shops too. I kind of want a city experience in Vancouver since most of our trip would involve camping and being outside (which I fuckin LOVE).
  • Destination: although definitely not necessary to end up here, I'd like to finish our trip in Squamish, BC. A superb climbing area that should definitely be checked out while we're in Canada. And hey, if we have extra time we should positively see more of Canada because I feel like I have more of a Canadian personality than an American one.

I also kind of want to take a shit ton of disposable cameras. I feel like that would be a great way to document the trip without hassling about with my phone. Yeah, I know that iPhones exist because of the ease with which you can take pictures and share them in an instant, but getting disposable cameras would guarantee that I have a physical copy of what we see along our way, which sounds super SWEET!

I'm excited, can you tell? I hope this happens.

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