• 2ne1

"don’t forget / even when things are hard sometimes, it’s ok / when you wanna lean on someone, come to me" - goodbye

  • akmu

"even if you get scarred from life / even if the world is unfamiliar with new encounters / in the future, everything will be fulfilled" - will last forever

  • astro

"i’m your sunflower, you’re my light / i’m happy because we’re looking at the same place / i hope we’ll be together and create our own story / wanna walk together? on this flower road ahead?" - you & me

  • bts

"i wanna fly / but i have no wings / but your hands become my wings / i wanna forget darkness and loneliness / with you" - a supplementary history: you never walk alone

  • nct u

"to live and to endure / if we’re together, it’ll be happier / we’ll be endlessly connected / can’t live without you" - without you

  • seventeen

"as more time pass when i grow up / i’ll understand you more" - when i grow up

"i can smile because we’re together" - smile flower

"because they’re such common words / i was worried it wouldn’t sound sincere / i was looking for something better than just thank you / so i couldn’t tell you thank you" - thanks

mar 1 2018 ∞
apr 11 2018 +