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unlike taehyung, writing this letter isn't making me cringe because telling you my deepest feelings is something im very used to do, and i hope you feel the same way when it comes to me.

do you remember our first year of friendship? we were all about emblem3 and keaton stromberg, the ultimate Ultimate™. we basically cried every single day because of that boy but we also laughed so much. do you remember how people always talked about us as The crazy duo™??? i guess we'll always have this title. it was such a good thing to get to know you, to be honest, i think it was one of the best things that EVER happened to me.

on our second year of friendship we kinda drifted apart, i don't even remember why but then you came back to me and we stayed crazy as we were. and i'm so thankful that you didn't change, and we stayed the same.

on our thirty year of friendship our bond only got more and more strong. we started to like kpop and drowned into bts and now we're all about vmin. you're the "min" to my "v".

after (almost) 4 years like this, you're now my dearest friend. you're my soulmate.

today is a special day and the thing i wished the most was to give you a real tigh hug. i truly believe that the universe had something planned on us, and i've been waiting for years to see you and actually hug you.

happy birthday mo,

i love you, so deep.

thank you for being my other half,

my dearest friend,

my soulmate.

oct 10 2017 ∞
oct 10 2017 +