• i'm white, i don't claim to be the same race as any of these characters
  • this is a personal subject that i try to keep to myself - it's VERY rare that i'll talk about publicly. i don't even like to talk about it privately very often, but i keep stuff like this on a locked account for a reason, so please respect that. thanks!
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  • morgan (fire emblem)
  • bow (she-ra and the princesses of power)
  • henry montague (the gentleman's guide to vice and virtue)
  • naruhodou ryuunosuke (dai gyakuten saiban)
  • trucy wright (ace attorney)
  • ike (fire emblem)
  • ringabel (bravely default)
  • hina hikawa (bang dream!)
  • phoenix wright (ace attorney)
  • olivia (fire emblem)
  • olivia oblige (bravely default)

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