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these aren't in any particular order. Some are based around Christmas completely and some just happen to have some Christmas in them. Either way, these are movies I watch between Thanksgiving and December 25 for Christmas cheer.

  • Love Actually: This movie is hands down adorable. If you're not turned into a gibbering idiot over the wonderfulness of this movie by the end of it, you might want to check that you have a heart. Plus it has an amazing cast.
  • Die Hard: This movie is a tradition at our house every year which might seem a little bizarre but whatevs. One of the best Christmas action movies of your life. Its silly, its got Alan Rickman being fucking bad ass and sexy, and the best part is when Hans yells at the dude to shoot the glass first in the dude's native German and then when he doesn't seem to get it, he yells it louder but this time in ENGLISH. Lol. And the 2nd one isn't nearly as good. Do yourself a favor and skip to the 3rd (even though that one isn't Xmasy).
  • Kiss Kiss Bang Bang: Best fucking holiday film made in recent years. While not technically about Christmas, it takes place then and its just...really good. Its clever, Val Kilmer and Robert Downey Jr. have such a great dynamic, its fun, people get Just watch it, its great. If you're into Die Hard as a Christmas movie, go watch this. And I have to mention the dialog, its amazing. There are so many good quotes and Harry and Perry have some great exchanges.
  • The Holiday: If Kiss Kiss Bang Bang isn't really your kind of movie, you might like this instead as a recent holiday film. Its very cute and with the exception of Cameron Diaz who gets on my nerves a bit, the cast is really great. Its got both your white Christmas and your California Christmas in one movie, its got romance, Dustin Hoffman (lol) and for once Jack Black has toned it down and he's so sweet in it. Leaves you with a smile and a cheery Christmas-y disposition I'd say.
  • Millions: Danny Boyle's film Shallow Grave but for kids. A little kid (who believes in Saints to the point of seeing them) gets a bag of money dropped in his lap and he and his brother go about doing things with it. Well, so I might be a bit biased because I love Danny Boyle movies, but this is such a good film. The little boy who stars in it (I can't remember his name but now he's in the Water Horse movie) is so cute in it. Its also really bright and colorful and fun to watch because the cinematography is really very interesting.
  • A Black Adder Christmas Carol: If you have to ask...I don't know. But its hilarious.
  • About a Boy: Hugh Grant seems to have really wedged himself into this list well hasn't he? This one is particularly good, made all the better by Santa's Super Sleigh. And LOL Nick Hoult. Aww, now he's Tony. It makes me laugh. You will fall in love with this movie when you watch it. (Why is Toni Collette so brilliant in everything, god I love her). "Where's Ned? At his mum's for Christmas?"
  • Bridget Jones' Diary: It doesn't all take place at Christmastime, however, the most important bits of the film (and when Colin Firth is dressed in silly Xmas jumpers and ties) do happen then. There's the ending obv in the snow and such, and Bridget sitting around with her dad getting drunk telling the carolers to fuck off. Its all good.
  • Little Women: More than one Christmas covered in this movie. Plus Christian Bale! I've never read the book, but I love this movie. No one else in my family likes it though, so I have to watch it on my own for Christmas and keep my feelings about it under wraps. Time to bring my closeted love of this movie out into the open. I feel better already.
  • these are just movies I watch every year. But here's the "Christmas" keyword at IMDB. Its a looong list.
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