• buttons, 4k, nc-17. ♥
    • considering it had only been a week since baekhyun had seen kris, she really didn’t think the way he currently looked was acceptable in any way.
  • don't forget to breathe, 5.4k, nc-17.
    • the story of wufan realizing he has a crush on baekhyun.
  • first time's the charm, 2k, nc-17.
    • baekhyun isn't exactly offended that kris refuses to sleep with him. (ok, he kind of is.) college au.
  • knock me off my feet, 4k, pg-13. ♥
    • when kris suggested that they go bowling, baekhyun had, at first, thought he was joking.
  • take my hand (and i'll show you the wild side), 9k, nc-17. ♥
    • getting trapped inside the haunted house was definitely not part of the big halloween prank of the century and neither was having baekhyun’s cock stuffed up his ass but damn, kris thought, this was so much better.
  • that's what she (charmingly) said, 2k, pg-13. ♥
    • baekhyun finds her gynecologist hot beyond all reason. she is inconvenienced (and mortified) by this fact.



  • (after a while) you learn, 130k, nc-17. ♥
    • there are very few things harder for joonmyun than being honest with himself.
  • bound for light, 26k, nc-17. ♥
    • product integration means joonmyun seamlessly weaving himself into baekhyun's muddled life. The results are astounding.
  • don't go, 77k, pg-13. ♥
    • every beginning comes from an end.
  • fire drills, 1.3k, pg-13.
    • baekhyun's taking a shower when the alarm goes off.
  • par amor, 32k, nc-17. ♥
    • two halves do not always make a whole.
  • you and i both, 1.9k, g. ♥
    • not all love stories are meant to last forever.


  • touch me, don't touch me, pg.
    • baekhyun doesn't like being touched. at least, he's pretty sure he doesn't like being touched. right?



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