♥ means favorite

  • action!, 3.2k, nc-17. ♥
    • this is not how kyungsoo expects his first day as a pornstar to go.
  • fry me to the moon, 1.4k, g. ♥
    • kyungsoo is a cashier at burger king. baekhyun is a frequent late-night customer.
  • in the territory of the dragon king, 122k, r. ♥
    • there are so many ghosts on this island. maybe that's why do kyungsoo has come: so his personal ghosts can get lost among them.
  • please don't slow me down if i'm going too fast, 3k, nc-17.
    • canon porn.
  • pull me down hard and drown me in love, 2k, pg. ♥
    • kyungsoo feels something for baekhyun. it just takes him a while to figure out what that something is.
  • something blue, 2.7k, pg.
    • kyungsoo works in a bakery and tries not to fall for the enthusiastic groom-to-be who has a soft spot for sweets and an even softer spot for kyungsoo. alternatively: the one fic where kyungsoo falls for baekhyun at first sight and proceeds to regret his life choices for the remainder of it.
  • we've got one thing in common (it's this mouth of mine), 9.4k, nc-17. ♥
    • baekhyun is a phone sex operator whose number kyungsoo accidentally dials, again and again and again. maybe not so accidentally, the next couple of times.
  • (they call it) puppy love, 8k, g. ♥
    • kyungsoo is a cool cat and baekhyun is a warm puppy and both of them can use all the love they can get.
jul 18 2015 ∞
dec 21 2018 +