♥ means favorite

  • a band-aid for your wounds (a kiss for your heart), 9k, pg.
    • wu fan is a single father raising his six year old daughter alone. after helping his neighbour yixing, a gay university student, through a difficult break up, they start to become closer.
  • always like the first time, 17k, r. ♥
    • kris is sent on business to a remote town in hunan. he meets yixing, and maybe even likes yixing. yixing, though, doesn’t quite reciprocate kris’s feelings that easily. based loosely on 50 first dates.
  • #boobs, 12.5k, nc-17. ♥
    • like the old saying goes: “when life giveth thy best friend melons, cry, have an existential crisis, and boink, all in that order.”
  • favors the bold, 22k, nc-17. ♥
    • yixing is a mystery, and wu fan is a masochist.
  • how to court off the court, 2.6k, pg-13.
    • when yifan took a job as a high school coach, he thought his biggest problem was going to be his students. he was wrong.
  • secrets worth keeping, pg.
    • wu fan is the star player of the school’s basketball team and a known ladies man. but yixing discovers that it’s not all quite what it seems.
  • simple travels, 8k, pg.
    • wu fan’s life is many things, simple having been one of them. then he meets yixing in wuhan’s dirtied streets, and the domino effect begins. (and ends with a camel.)
  • you had me at hello, 408, pg. ♥
    • yixing’s eyes fly open and drifts to their direction as yifan continues assaulting his neck.
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