• après-ski, 13k, pg-13. ♥
    • kris is an olympic skier; chanyeol's just on vacation.
  • hold my heart (in your hands), 4k, r. ♥
    • imagine two totally heterosexual guys in a totally heterosexual friendship wherein sometimes they will lock themselves in a bathroom stall and stick their hands down each other's pants and that's their relationship in a nutshell.
  • (not exactly) a harlequin romance, 4.5k, nc-17. ♥
    • kris doesn't do relationships.
  • one on one, 4k, pg-15.
    • kris and chanyeol are rival basketball players from two rival universities. outside the court though, is of a different story.


  • holly roots, 14.7k, nc-17. ♥
    • after suffering a debilitating injury, kris is at a pretty low point in his life. he wants to feel alive again. he finds that spark... and its name is kim jongdae.


  • a prince and his guard, 30k, nc-17.
    • prince kyungsoo is far more fond of his books and his garden than he is of people, and the last thing he needs is some new guard to babysit. regency au.
  • a study in human emotions, 37k, r. ♥
    • yifan doesn’t know the first thing about kyungsoo; not from what any of his facial expressions mean to how he feels about anything and everything. he’s not afraid to admit he’s always been curious about what it was like to be kyungsoo, but that doesn’t mean he wanted a first hand experience on his everyday life. and it figures it would happen just before comeback.
  • gq gangster, 50k, pg-13. ♥
    • kyungsoo is kris' fairy godmother. although it says 'personal assistant' on his namecard. on the other hand, lu han is xi luhan, no matter what it says on his namecard.
  • hat trick, 11.2k, pg.
    • kyungsoo, navigating fears and fans and feelings.




  • coming up from behind, 10k, pg-13. ♥
    • kris' new charge is everything he isn't expecting and everything he needs.



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