♥ means favorite


  • a cute couple making love scene, 4.7k, nc-17.
    • "maybe we could try doing a sextape?”
  • maybe it's a cruel joke on me, whatever (just means there's way more cake for me.), 3.1k, nc-17. ♥
    • the fact of the matter was that ten completely and irrevocably had johnny seo wrapped around his finger. and ten loved johnny, very much, so he did his best not to exploit that fact. except when he was unusually horny and johnny had been an unyielding ball of stress for the past week. or in which ten feels neglected so he formulates operation: get some johnny dick.
  • my heart, it belongs to you, 7.9k, pg-13. ♥
    • “you ground me,” ten breathes out. slow and careful, like everything about this has been. “i’m kind of in love with you, johnny seo.” or: ten finds more than just a viable career path at sm entertainment.
  • my whole heart is by your side, 2.3k, pg.
    • johnny's best friend is lee taeyong from the smrookies and lo and behold that is his soulmate chittaphon's ultimate bias.
  • no one else but you tonight, 13.4k, pg-13. ♥
    • in fact, johnny realizes, the state of illinois hasn’t had any claim to superpowered fame since kitty pryde made it to the x-men. whatever it is in that new york city water has yet to make it westward, and so an intangible mutant from deerfield is the full extent of how much illinois brings itself to care. johnny can’t exactly phase through walls, but at least now he knows how to climb them.
  • quoting jason mraz, i'm yours, 1.2k, g. ♥
    • johnny expects more of bangkok than just lounging in a coffee shop, but the company of a certain someone makes all the difference.
  • wait a second (i'm figuring us out), 7.2k, pg-13. ♥
    • ten’s life is pretty spectacularly normal until youngho crashes in and turns it all around… also dongyoung is really nice and yuta is nerdy and unhelpful. college au.


  • no doubt in my mind (where you belong), 6.7k, pg-13.
    • hansol is looking at him over the top of his own coffee cup and yuta smiles brilliantly and slurps loudly from his overfull cup without lifting it from the table
  • please just be quiet, and let me love you, 3.1k, r. ♥
    • every little moment is like another irreplaceable puzzle piece of what makes up 'them'.
  • stress relief, 3.4k, nc-17.
    • he takes a deep breath and imagines their soft bed, hopefully with hansol already in it, just feet away and drags his body up the stairs with both hands on the rail.
  • what the heck i gotta do (to be with you), 7.9k, pg-13.
    • nakamoto yuta swears up and down that he hates ji hansol, but he's not even sure about that himself.
  • 혼란스러워, 2.7k, pg-13. ♥
    • in which yuta is the troublemaker from the soccer team who somehow always manages to make student council president hansol’s life difficult.
  • あなたが大好きです i like you very much, 450, g.
    • when yuta tries to say i like you, it comes out the opposite.


  • get it right, 2.4k, nc-17. ♥
    • hansol wouldn't stop giggling and johnny really needed him to shut up. "i knew tequila shots were a bad idea."


  • 4 things, 390, g.
    • doyoung and jaehyun are several things.
  • close, 1k, g.
    • doyoung is kind of worried and jaehyun wants to assure him that everything is going to be okay.
  • my storyteller oppa, 4k, pg. ♥
    • doyoung reads to kids in the library on weekends, but he doesn't want anyone to know. the reason might or might not involve a bunny suit.
  • show me and i'm all yours, 6.4k, pg-13.
    • doyoung would rather not ever acknowledge his feelings (like, ever), but he is going to have to at one point or another.


  • of shields and superheroes, 7.3k, pg-13. ♥
    • there's no logic behind locking two people who deliberately want to kill each other in the dorm with a view to teach them a lesson on getting along, but Johnny carries it out anyway.


  • good hands, 3.2k, nc-17. ♥
    • jaehyun and ten share a drunken kiss. Things progress from there.



  • a rather loud love, 4k, g. ♥
    • jaehyun confessed through a letter. but it wasn’t just a letter; it was, for some unfortunate reason, a howler (hogwarts/harry potter au)
  • aeipathy, 1.1k, nc-17.
    • taeyong knows jaehyun’s touch by heart, he’s memorized it.
  • not affected. just offended., 3.9k, g.
    • jaehyun kept on casually calling taeyong “sweetie." taeyong didn’t know what to do about it. saying he liked it would be an understatement.
  • untitled, 748, g.
    • they'd agreed not to read online comments, but taeyong can't help himself.
  • vindication, 3.4k, nc-17.
    • everyone knows that taeyong’s always been a bit strange.


  • a series of unfortunate popsicle events, 3.7k, g.
    • taeil bought too many popsicles. he thought maybe he could share them with his neighbor, taeyong.
  • prom-enade, 5k, pg-13.
    • literature club prosecutor president lee taeyong and disciplinary commitee member moon taeil seems an odd match to think of but taeyong's got to make this work.


  • surrender, 560, g.
    • ...and while taeil is not one to complain, he’s uncomfortable with the fact that jaehyun is able to manipulate him like this.
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