• call me callane, nicknames are fine if you like them
  • feb. 16 (aquarius), in college
  • unmotivated procrastinator/artist/writer
  • english only (wasn't gifted with a love for learning language, rip ... i still want to try someday though)
  • ace, and somethingromantic of the non straight kind. that's the only thing for certain, i can no longer tell
  • i yell about music a lot
  • bad puns. not joking about this, i have the worst pun chlines ever
  • pls talk to me if you share any of my interests ... i'd love to make more friends
  • dw about unfollowing. unfollow/follow as you will, i'll never shade you for it or ask for an explanation (unless you were a really good friend of mine, then i might ask, just to soothe my own heart)
  • i don't tend to participate in discourse....
feb 20 2017 ∞
apr 25 2020 +
  • discord: feel free to ask for it, as long as we talk sometimes i'll usually tell you
  • ask me if you want to friend me in a game or anything i'm just too lazy to list these rn
  • if you want to fight me on pokemon showdown you are extremely welcome to. shoot me a message and a time and your username and we will Fight to the Death (on random battles because all of my monotype teams got wiped)
feb 20 2017 ∞
apr 25 2020 +

won't follow back / would rather you not follow me if:

  • you're homophobic/aphobic/transphobic/etc., sexist, racist, standard dfi
  • you frequently participate in discourse/rt it. i can handle some but generally i'd like to stay away from that
  • you think stealing/using art without permission is okay
  • you thirst-tweet in a really explicit manner. normal thirst-tweeting is okay tho, i'm just not keen on super nsfw things
  • on the same note: if you are a nsfw account. no can do, sorry
feb 20 2017 ∞
apr 4 2020 +
  • art acc: @callaneart
  • please don't repost, modify, sell, trace, or use it in any way. it's my work. i'd appreciate if you respected that. honestly this is the universal rule but...just in case
  • no, just because i didn't mention art-sharing sites doesn't mean that's okay.
  • i'm looking at you, wattpad users who i've seen have 'novels' of reposted fanart
feb 20 2017 ∞
may 19 2020 +

main interests:

  • utaite!!
      • really fucking good: mafu, aisu, yuuka neko, and miyyuu
      • also really good, but don't talk about them as much: ikasan, reol, sou, amatsuki, kashitaro, eve
  • music in general
      • pokemon vgm, artcore, and sometimes love live/kpop
      • currently most into artcore. street, sakuzyo, ak+q and rigel theatre are my favorites. kagetora and an are also solid as hell

not as much, but still often:

  • pokemon (video games)
feb 20 2017 ∞
may 19 2020 +
  • kpop
      • dreamcatcher
      • imfact
  • anime
      • hunter x hunter and madoka magica. i'm into shounen genre stuff in general, and i really really love things that feel real
  • love live
      • HONK HONK
may 14 2018 ∞
may 19 2020 +