— tv.

    • dani and jamie (the haunting of bly manor)
    • caitlyn and vi (arcane)
    • willow and tara (buffy the vampire slayer)
    • merlin and arthur, arthur and gwen (merlin)
    • castle and beckett (castle)
    • the doctor and river song (doctor who)
    • karolina and nico (runaways)
    • scott and allison (teen wolf)
    • jane and michael (jane the virgin)
    • monica and chandler (friends)
    • dutch and johnny (killjoys)

    • mal and inara, zoe and wash, kaylee and simon (firefly)
    • leslie and ben, andy and april (parks and recreation)
    • jim and pam (the office)
    • rae and finn (my mad fat diary)
    • ned and chuck (pushing daisies)
    • eric and godric, pam and eric (true blood)
    • crews and reese (life)
    • aang and katara (avatar: the last airbender)
    • korra and asami (avatar: the legend of korra)
    • amy and jonah (superstore)
    • owen and hannah (the haunting of bly manor)
    • nell and arthur (the haunting of hill house)
    • anne and ann (gentleman jack)
    • jake and amy (brooklyn nine nine)
    • papi and angel (pose)

— movies.

    • steve and bucky (mcu)
    • * steve and peggy,steve and thor, steve and sam, sam and bucky (mcu)
    • carol and maria, carol and valkyrie (mcu)
    • rey and finn, finn and poe (star wars)

— videogames.

    • nathan and elena (uncharted)
    • peter and mj (marvel's spider-man)
    • kassandra and kyra, kassandra and daphnae (assassin's creed: odyssey)
    • mirage and wraith, everyone x everyone (minus caustic and revenant) (apex legends)
    • arthur and sadie, arthur and charles (red dead redemption ii)
    • zagreus and megaera and thanatos (hades)
    • ana and reinhardt, mercy and genji, cassidy and hanzo, cassidy and ashe (overwatch)

— books and comics.

    • marko and alana (saga)
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