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post punk enthusiast

music list = complete reference of my library
labels list = labels i like the most
genres/styles list = self explanatory
to do/on hold list = bookmarking


hi im pal and music is my passion

  • rock dominant library
  • aspiring multi-instrumentalist (dont play anything yet im baby)
  • songs in my spotify library currently: 5012 (i listen to more than that but some artists and songs i like aren't on spotify)
  • when i die i want my ashes pressed into a 12" (tracklist evergrowing)
  • haven't been to any shows yet but someday. Someday.
  • my friends think i have good taste and a good ear (thank u)
  • if you want to see my collection, wantlist, scrobbles, (mostly) full listening history, and playlists, everything you need is below :) vvv the complete paladin experience at ur fingertips vvv
  • discogs: znarkand
  • lastfm: znarkand
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feb 13 2020 +

Yes Bitch i have full vg ost saved on my spotify it's real music idgaf

  • fallout 1 ost
  • fallout 3 ost
  • fallout: new vegas ost
  • final fantasy iv, ix, x ost
  • persona (3,4) ost
  • pokemon b&w ost
  • skyrim ost
  • animal crossing ost

so basically i love inon zur and nobuo uematsu more than any other composers

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dec 7 2019 +

these are just record labels that i find myself frequenting the most/seem to enjoy the most

  • 4ad
  • burger records
  • cherry red records
  • domino
  • epitaph
  • factory/factory benelux
  • ralph records
  • rough trade
  • y records
  • zelone
  • will add more lol

Again, some repetition may occur here as I've included labels that are parent labels to other labels but fuck it im going all out lmao. my labels list isn't as big as my artists or genres list because although yeah i am familiar with many, many more, that doesn't mean that i favor or idolise them ...

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apr 11 2019 +

summer 2014 - dec. 2014

  • abc - the look of love
  • the monotones - book of love
  • buddy holly - everyday
  • the kooks - !!! is it me !!!
  • chvrches - lungs
  • chvrches - gun
  • nekoboro / ia - liar
  • haim - forever
  • anamanaguchi - pop it
  • the jets - crush on you
  • nushooz - i can't wait
  • the 1975 - ghosts
  • the 1975 -
  • tiesto - wasted
  • tuxedo - do it
  • mystery skulls - fantasy
  • mystery skulls - ghost
  • foster the people - best friend
  • redbone - come and get your love
  • rhcp - can't stop
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may 13 2019 +

for all the groups that for some reason slip my mind and hardly ever make it into my finalized library (whether it be because im busy and forget to listen to their full discographies, because they're brand new to me and i want to try them out/keep tabs on them, or because im not ready for their sound yet and need to try them again later). im not alphabetizing this because all these artists are going to consistently come and go. this is an everchanging catalogue.

  • public enemy
  • funkdoobiest
  • ll cool j
  • alien sex fiend
  • sisters of mercy
  • banes world
  • the walters
  • slater
  • cowgirl clue
apr 9 2019 ∞
dec 7 2019 +


  • the 1975


  • a certain ratio
  • adam ant/adam and the ants
  • a-ha
  • akiko yano
  • amoebas in chaos
  • apb
  • alex chilton
  • aminĂ©
  • amy and the angels
  • anderson .paak
  • and the kids
  • another sunny day
  • apache dropout
  • ariana grande
  • a tribe called quest
  • au pairs
  • aztec camera
feb 9 2017 ∞
dec 7 2019 +

remember how i said i want my ashes pressed into vinyl? yeah that wasn't a joke. these are the most important and influential pieces of music i have ever found in my life. put them on there. list is in order of chronological discovery.

  • is it me - the kooks (2014)
  • naive melody - talking heads (2017)
  • lucifer rising - crispy ambulance (2017)
  • push th' little daisies - ween (2017)
  • peaches en regalia - frank zappa (2018)
  • ventura highway - america (2019)

slow to update and very, very small as of the moment because i want to make sure only THEE most revolutionary songs i've come across are included here. they gotta mean something big. usually associated with major turning points or intense periods of reflection/change in my life. these are turn of the century tunes for me right here, boys. coming of age music.

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aug 29 2020 +

god tier, absolute favorites

  • punk, post punk, zolo, jazz punk, avant punk, free funk, riot grrrl (think the slits), dub, avant garde, avant funk, avant jazz, noise, distortion, experimental, art rock, new wave, no wave, dark wave, goth rock, industrial rock, early/classic alternative, college rock, for lack of better moniker: 80s pop, lo-fi (like ACTUAL lo-fidelity basement/garage quality lo-fi), jpop, jrock, edm, glitch hop

not my top favs but still really damn good

  • math rock, indie rock, indie pop, jangle pop, prog rock, prog pop, britpop, shoegaze, chillwave, minimal/minimalsynth, ska punk (sometimes), twee pop, dream pop, bedroom pop, post rock, synth pop, synthwave, vaporwave, city pop, golden age hip hop, doo wop + other assorted oldies
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feb 13 2020 +