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nintendo id: lanayruu
playstation id: mercuryeva
xbox live id: krioskronos
ask me for my id!

+: a replay
see archive for previous (played years)

goal: re/play every legend of zelda game
completed: FS, SS, ALBW, OoT, TWW, MM
playing: TP, TMC, ALttP, PH



  • fire emblem fates: birthright
  • etrian odyssey IV: legends of the titan
  • the legend of zelda: triforce heroes
  • professor layton and the curious village
  • monster hunter 4 ultimate

Wii U

  • yoshi's woolly world
  • +the legend of zelda: a link to the past


  • kingdom hearts final mix


  • the world ends with you


  • hatoful boyfriend
  • tomb raider: anniversary
nov 23 2013 ∞
sep 19 2016 +