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sometimes all we need is a time to let go of material things and hold feelings like love closer and closer as we walk in the rote of life.

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  • litteraly just live.
  • try to not freak out.
  • keep the anxiety away.
  • write my poems watching the sunrise.
  • fall in love.
dec 2 2016 ∞
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- love is all we want, hate is all we hold. we will never know how far we should go so, we feel what we shouldn't feel we love those we shouldn't love that is all we do.

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achar alguém pra amar, achar alguem com quem posso dividir minhas dores, pintar minha cores em uma tela em branco. plantar minhas flores num jardim sem cor. achar.

dec 2 2016 ∞
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