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Louise // 28 // English.
I love live music, concert adventures, exploring new places, taking photos, dresses with quirky prints, colourful eye make up, tattoos, fashion, beauty, creative writing, reading, dystopian novels, movies, crafting, journaling, novelty accessories, animals, nature, tapirs, bunnies, and much more!
I love to write lists!

  • Play feel good tunes.
  • Read inspiring quotes.
  • Read inspiring song lyrics.
  • Have a good cry.
  • Sleep it off.
  • Run a relaxing bubble bath.
  • Pamper yourself.
  • Eat comfort food.
  • Go shopping and treat yourself to something nice.
  • Contact good friends for support, a shoulder, and a giggle.
  • Watch favourite feel good films.
  • Get your hair done.
  • Be around animals.
  • Cuddle pets.
  • Take a walk.
  • Dress up in your favourite outfits.
  • Buy a great new outfit.
  • Avoid Facebook.
  • Buy yourself flowers.
  • Book a holiday.
  • Buy tickets for a show or something fun.
  • Wear bright colours.
  • Write about it and let it out. It helps, I promise.
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