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Louise // 28 // English.
I love live music, concert adventures, exploring new places, taking photos, dresses with quirky prints, colourful eye make up, tattoos, fashion, beauty, creative writing, reading, dystopian novels, movies, crafting, journaling, novelty accessories, animals, nature, tapirs, bunnies, and much more!
I love to write lists!

  • A convoy of hundreds of motorbikes.
  • Hundreds of bikers dressed in their leathers.
  • Flags attached to motorbikes billowing in the breeze.
  • People sitting in deck chairs outside their houses, and many others lining village streets waiting to see the parade of motorbikes.
  • A shiny silver Bentley.
  • An old Rolls Royce.
  • A grey squirrel foraging in a paddock.
  • A few pheasants dotted around the countryside.
  • Wild rabbits munching on long lush green grass.
  • A furry ginger Highland cow.
  • A paddock of donkeys.
  • Two giraffes in the Wildlife Park, seen from a distance in a country lane alongside the park's perimeter.
  • A beautiful blue peacock sitting on top of a wooden hut.
  • My sister slip on a doormat.
  • A creepy black scarecrow statue with fake birds on its shoulders in someone's garden. It looked like the monster from Jeeper's Creepers!
  • A loud babbling brook.
  • Three horse riders riding three beautiful horses.
  • A cute schnauzer puppy.
  • Thatched cottages with rambling roses covering the walls.
  • A woman with a two toned pink fringe
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