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Louise // 28 // English.
I love live music, concert adventures, exploring new places, taking photos, dresses with quirky prints, colourful eye make up, tattoos, fashion, beauty, creative writing, reading, dystopian novels, movies, crafting, journaling, novelty accessories, animals, nature, tapirs, bunnies, and much more!
I love to write lists!

  • Ornate black and gold iron gates leading in to a field in the country.
  • A herd of beautiful large deer in said field. They were large, red-coloured deer with white spots, and I *think* they were fallow deer. Many had antlers and I think they were all stags and bucks.
  • Two bucks rutting antlers.
  • A folly in Barrington Park, which we originally thought was an observation unit or some kind of WW2 look out / shelter.
  • A village fete complete with bunting.
  • A cricket match played by grown men in proper cricket attire on a village sports pitch.
  • A sculpture exhibition held in a field.
  • Plenty of red phone boxes.
  • A horse and cart.
  • Two horses with young riders being led by adults down a country road.
  • A red kite circling low in the sky, on the hunt for dinner.
  • A couple of fields filled with red poppies.
  • A retro white American car which looked very fifties.
  • A shallow, gently-moving river with hundreds of people sitting and sunbathing along the grassy banks either side, and dogs and people paddling in it.
  • A little girl who lost the ice cream off her ice cream cone... and her Dad didn't go get her another one. Mean Dad!
  • People sitting in beer gardens and outside tea rooms and cafes enjoying the sunshine.
  • Mallard ducks in the river, trying to keep away from wading kids.
  • Classic cars and sports car taken out on Sunday drives.
  • A guy whose haircut and outfit made him look like he'd stumbled out of an eighties movie... he would've played a bad guy.
  • A pair of yellow DMs with pink piping and laces!
  • Countless beautiful Cotswold stone houses, thatched cottages, and dry stone walls out in the country.
  • A road sign for a place called 'Douglas'.
  • A pretty polka dot clock.
  • A waffle house I'd like to try food from one day.
  • Japanese tourists protecting themselves from the sun with umbrellas and parasols.
  • Flower beds planted in the shape of the Union Jack.
  • Christmas decorations in a Christmas gift shop.
  • An assortment of cute dogs in various shapes and sizes.
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