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I am a fun loving optimistic person ready to travel and learn about the world! Pursuing a career in elementary education I never want to grow up. I love watching others grow and want to be the inspiration to them. I LOVE leadership and if teaching doesn't work out would like to pursue a career in leadership workshops for youth. My passion is positively impacting the world. Love and more love. -E

  • "I don't know if this is weird but lately I've really wanted a boob job. Seriously big C, small D" KK
  • "Hello gym here comes herpes on my face" KK
  • Me: I heard that
  • Court: Who'd you hear that from?"
  • Kate: You should never pluck your eyebrows when you can't see"
  • "I just got a rush from that" says Kate after pretending to do the "stairs" bahah
  • Kate and I doing homework

Kate: Elise I don't know if I am going to say this it might be creepy Elise: Just say it Kate: I can't wait for you to have sex for the first time Elise: bahah Kate: Just imagine it is going to feel so amazing and you BETTER call me!" Ok maybe the 10th time Bahha day in the life of Apt 302. I'm going to miss this..and it goes on, you're going to be a freak....thanks friend

  • C$- I want to do something for our house but I am not sure if I am going to until Carly gets to know me more. Eli-What do you want to do? C$- Make you banana pancakes in my banana suit! Bahah love you
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