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I am a fun loving optimistic person ready to travel and learn about the world! Pursuing a career in elementary education I never want to grow up. I love watching others grow and want to be the inspiration to them. I LOVE leadership and if teaching doesn't work out would like to pursue a career in leadership workshops for youth. My passion is positively impacting the world. Love and more love. -E

  • "Well, your skills of reasoning weren't so good, but your skills of obsessiveness were very amazing." livesay
  • Better to love God and die unknown than to love the world and be a hero; better to be content with poverty than to die a slave to wealth; better to have taken some risks and lost than to have done nothing and succeeded at it. -erwin lutzer Livesay
  • “In Haiti, things are simple. Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not saying that things are simple to do necessarily and that life is easy, but life here is about what really matters and what’s most important, and in Haiti life is more real and delicate than anywhere else I’ve ever been. It’s about faith, food, shelter, clothing, medical care, and taking care of your family. It’s not about Gaga, celebrity marriages that only last 72 days, three sports teams all from the same state that suck, high school gossip that still carries on 6 years after graduation, and all things shiny and new and designer. Ugh, I could barf… mostly because I’m so guilty in taking part in all of these things. I’ve sang, I’ve read, I’ve watched, I’ve talked, I’ve purchased. And I’ve got nothin’ to say. I’m guilty of pursuing a worldly, shallow, and superficial life, and to be honest I am worn out. The joy that comes from those things is temporary and just straight up fake.

So, that’s what I love about Haiti. Your life here is simple and in that simplicity there’s purpose that goes far beyond entertainment and erasing boredom. Everyone that comes here says they love the people, and it’s true. You come to Haiti to love others and to show them the love of Jesus. I came to Haiti because my life isn’t just about pleasing myself, it’s about following Christ and trying my very hardest to live a life of love every single day.” Ali Funk

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