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Dear Alisha,

What is there to say about you? You're beautiful, Alisha, you really are. You're this charming girl who has a massive personality inside, but it takes a while to come out. You're shy on the outside but so, so beautiful and hilarious. You care so genuinely about the people around you, and that shines through in everything you do.

Your love of animals in particular is something that makes you so endearing to other people because it shows how big your heart is. You're the person that everybody can approach when they need to talk, and they know that you'll listen and do your best to help in any way you can. You're so approachable and you never fail to make people realise that they're not alone in this world and that there's always somebody ready to listen.

You have one of those personalities that people can relate to easily, mostly because you're endearing and friendly and flat-out gorgeous. It's clear that your friends in real-life value you just as much as your formspring friends do, with the stories you've told about how they've confided in you. Being a confidante is such a special thing, and it takes a courageous and accepting person to be one ... you fit the bill perfectly. No matter what is going on with you personally, you're there for everybody else without fail and that makes you an amazing friend, and person.

You're never afraid to be yourself, or stand up for what you believe in which is an amazing trait, Alisha. You should be so proud of the person that you are, because it's so obvious that everybody on formspring is absolutely honoured to know you and call you a friend.



aug 23 2011 ∞
jan 19 2012 +