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Anonymous love makes the world go round a happier and brighter place than before <3


Dear Ashley,

Where to start, where to start... it's quite a dilemma writing these letters and trying to figure out how to put in words how much all of the people on formspring, and especially you, inspire us. Your confidence is probably the most obvious thing about you, Ashley, and it's so admirable. You're so strong, self-confident and sure of yourself and it's utterly refreshing in a society when so many people have issues with their bodies, or personalities, or a bazillion other things. You're an inspiration to others that you can be happy with exactly who you are.

In a few words, you can be described as friendly, outgoing, determined, independent, enthusiastic, insightful and inspirational. All of those words fit you perfectly, and it's amazing to know somebody who can be described as all of those. You're always there for advice, and many times you've made others feel at ease by sharing your own stories.

Your general personality is so exciting and exuberant that it's hard not to smile at everything you say (and speaking of smiles, you've got a fairly fabulous one, my dear!). Your love of dance is something else that is so exciting because it's great to see that passion can be long-lasting and you've clearly learnt to express yourself well through the medium of dance.

Despite any struggles you've encountered, you seem to put on a brave face and step out into the world, daring it to take you on. And if I was the world, I'd look out, because you, Ashley, are a strong opponent. With that great smile and your positive attitude, it's certain that you can take on any challenge and overcome it.



aug 23 2011 ∞
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