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Dear Bailey,

There are so many things to talk about with you, but the biggest thing that is obvious to all who know you is your passion. Your passion for politics, and softball, and life in general. You're passionate about everything you do, and hopefully that's something you'll never lose. Your natural excitement and exuberance is so wonderful, and never fails to bring smiles to peoples' faces.

Aside from your passion, you're stubborn and willful and determined, and I mean all of those things as an absolute positive point. You wouldn't be Bailey Jordan without being those things. You never seem scared to take on a task and face it head-on, and that's an amazing quality. Your opinions are always fully researched and you educate yourself on so many topics so that you'll be well-informed. It's an amazing thing to be constantly bettering yourself, and you do it like it's the most natural thing on earth.

Sometimes it seems like you lock a lot of yourself away, hiding from the outside world and putting up a tough shell, but once people get to know you, they love you. You care genuinely and honestly, and you're never afraid to say what you think. You're strong, and brave and you have so much courage. You don't let things in your life get you down, but you keep moving forward and moving on and taking everything in your stride.

Never be afraid to let people in Bailey, because they'll surprise you and love you, and even though they may occasionally disappoint you, it'll be well worth it. The people who know you well enough are honoured to say that they do, and you'll always be held in their highest regard.



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