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Dear Candy,

You're one of the only people I know who appears to be completely comfortable in their own skin. You seem to know exactly who you are, and you're proud of that fact. Your strength and confidence are absolutely amazing, and I think it shows in the way you express yourself, and never seem phased when people disagree with your point of view.

You have an amazing sense of humour and seem to keep everybody in stitches of laughter. Your quick wit and sarcasm make you a joy to be around, and I never tire of reading your answers on formspring. Aside from that, I love your quirky attitude and the way you open people up to things that they'd probably not even thought of. I think that your honestly and openness makes people feel comfortable around you, and you instantly put them at ease. You never judge anybody for their opinions, and you accept their views even if it's the exact opposite of what you believe in. That fact alone is admirable because it shows a great level of maturity, and strength.

Your strong stance on gay rights is another thing that I find truly admirable. It's hard to stand up for something when other people try to shoot you down, but you never waver in standing strong for your beliefs and I hope that never changes. You are loved for exactly who you are by so many people.

You're so beautiful Candace, inside and out. From your amazingly luscious hair, to your sparky personality, you're a beautiful person and I strive to be like in you in many ways. I know that in the future you will make an amazing mother, and you will be the parent that your children will always be able to confide in, because they will know that they are loved unconditionally. You really are a remarkable person.



aug 23 2011 ∞
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