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Anonymous love makes the world go round a happier and brighter place than before <3


Dear Hayley,

You are easily one of the most beautiful, amazing, laid-back and hilarious people I know. Your self-confidence shines through in everything you do, and everything that you say, and makes you so admirable. There are so many times that I've been envious of your ability to be so strong and confident, and believe in yourself so much. I hope you know that you're an amazing role model for everybody else on formspring, whether they're younger, older or the same age.

You're one the first people I would approach for advice, as I know that you'll be truthful and honest without being harsh. I also know that you aren't judgmental, and you take the time to view a situation in its entirety before sharing your own opinions. Not only are you a fantastic source of advice, but you’re also an amazing source of comfort, hilarity, fun and quirkiness. From the pictures you shared of the bear cub in your backyard, to your rather comical discussions with Stephanie about nothing in particular, you have certainly made my time, and many other peoples’ time, on formspring much more enjoyable. I hope you know how cherished you are as a member of our little society.

Another thing I absolutely love about you is your patriotism. From moose, to snow, and especially hockey, I can't imagine anybody more in love with their own country than you. If you had a patronus, I can most surely say that it would be a moose, or possibly a beaver. Either way, it sums you up perfectly. I have no doubt that you will continue to grow into a beautiful, charming, sophisticated, intelligent, confident and admirable young lady, and I can only hope that I am still a part of your life many years down the track. Thank-you for being such an inspiration, not only to myself but also to many others.



aug 23 2011 ∞
jan 18 2012 +