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Dear Lucy,

What is there to say about Lucy? I love Lucy seems so cliché, but might only be the start of the way to describe how much I admire you, and appreciate our friendship. I love watching the banter on your page between you and Steph and Nikki, it’s like watching a sitcom unfold online. Your hilarious and witty sense of humour just makes me laugh, and I absolutely love the way you don’t take any garbage from any anons who try to bother you.

You seem like a really strong and independent person, and I hope that’s true because it’s a part of you that I really admire. I love that you seem very confident in who you are, and not much seems to get you down. I also think that you need to give yourself more credit, and others do too, because you are so smart, and I wish you would believe in that a little more.

I love seeing all the pictures of Madeleine that you put on your page, and the way you talk about her makes it clear that you love her very much. She’s so lucky to have a loving and fun auntie to spend time with, and I know how much you’re looking forward to Emma and Madeleine moving closer to you. I think the way you are with Madeleine and the way you talk about her is so telling of your personality, because you’re all spunky and sassy on the outside but an absolutely sweetheart on the inside. You’re a beautiful person Lucy, inside and out, and as cliché as that sounds, it really is the truth. Stay strong, bold and beautiful, because that’s what Lucy means to me.



aug 23 2011 ∞
jan 20 2012 +