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Anonymous love makes the world go round a happier and brighter place than before <3


Dear Maggie,

The first thing that comes to mind when describing you, is your loyalty and your friendly nature. You always manage to make everybody feel comfortable and happy in your presence, and that really shows what a beautiful person you are. I love how your smile is so genuine and conveys real emotion, because you get a gorgeous sparkle in your eye that shows how much fun you are.

I love that you are passionate about the things that you love, especially dance, and I love hearing you talk about it because your excitement and love for it is clear in every word you say. In general, you are a well-spoken, mature and respectful person which is something that will put you in good stead to face the rest of the world. There will always be a place in the world for people who can put across their opinions strongly without being forceful or rude, and I truly believe that you are one of those people.

I also love the way you stand by your friends in all situations, giving them support and a shoulder to cry on if need be. You are loyal, and strong, and you make an amazing friend for every person out there who is lucky enough to get to know you. I know that you’re making a lot of tough decisions at the moment, trying to figure out which college to attend, but I trust that you’ll make the perfect choice for you, because you’re smart and witty and I know you’ll know what’s best for you. Just know that no matter where life takes you, you’ll always have a friend group on formspring to lean back on, just as you have supported others during your time here. Stay strong, and beautiful.



aug 23 2011 ∞
jan 20 2012 +