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Anonymous love makes the world go round a happier and brighter place than before <3


Dear Sarah,

I think the most obvious thing about you is that you are family-oriented. It’s an absolutely beautiful thing, to see the relationship you share with your sisters. It’s so clear that you love them, and that you love little Kayden as well. He is so lucky to grow up with such a loving aunt, and I know that he will think so as well, in years to come. Apart from your love for your family, I also love the way that you are friendly to everybody you talk to. You are welcoming and kind, and are a very easy person to talk to which makes it a lot of fun to have you as a friend.

You are absolutely beautiful Sarah, both on the outside (I love your hair!) and on the inside as well. You are caring and genuine, and you have a great sense of humour that always makes me giggle. I love the way that you open up about your experiences, and you’re not afraid to express your opinion. For your age I think you’re exceptionally mature and very well-spoken, which is such a pleasure as so many teenagers these days just aren’t like that. It’s refreshing, and a wonderful thing.

I guess I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for being a lovely overall person. Your personality, your infectious smile, your loving attitude and your wicked sense of humour are all things that make my time on formspring (and many other peoples’ time as well) extremely enjoyable. So thanks for being you, and I hope you always remain true to yourself.



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