• level of concern

"you could bring down my level of concern just need you to tell me we're alright tell me we're okay"

  • face to face

"with me to boost your courage, you won’t be lonely i won’t let you quietly smooth out your scars by yourself"

  • cough syrup

"life's too short to even care at all oh i'm coming up now coming up now out of the blue oh"

  • history maker

"don't stop us now the moment of truth we were born to make history"

  • she's in the rain

"it’s better to be held than holding on"

  • tightrope

"hand in my hand and you promised to never let go we're walking the tightrope high in the sky"

  • home

"doesn't matter where we are we are never far apart, no"

  • aurora

"but we don’t care cause I'm not alone now i don't need a lot of metaphor cause you're here to share this vision now"

  • ode to we will bury ourselves

"where you and I are growing into an apple tree where the sun will kiss our face and we will grow"

  • sunshine

"just chillin' and relaxing like you're talking to an old friend have a pretty good time healing until the night"

  • magic shop

"i do believe your galaxy i want to listen to your melody your stars in the Milky Way"

  • new heroes

"we all live for the day they'll be screaming our names so we keep on, keep on, keep on"

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