• 3/21 Gaming, Sleeping, Cooking, Healing (I'm so tired of being sick!) Made some delicious Guinness stew.
  • 3/22 You know your life needs a little spicing up when you get excited about a song titled "The Mischievous Magpie". When the classical music radio announcer said that song was on next, I actually went "Ooo, this sounds like fun!".
  • 3/23 Still a little unsteady because of the fluid in my ears, I kept tripping on a chair in my bosses office. He commented, "You'd better wear a helmet in the conference room."
  • 3/29 Easter - I terrific day of Jesus, sisters, lamb, sun dresses and hats! Sunrise service and then to my family for dinner.
  • 3/28 I love speedy Mondays...when the day just zips right by.
  • 3/29 Too much salad dressing - bleh!
  • 3/31 Walking around Target with a small pink garden gnome, condoms and a bubble wand. Probably the strangest combination of things I've ever bought at once.
  • 4/1 Date Night: curry in bed while playing video games.

Bob Text: (#1) Also, I think I'm pregnant. (#2) April Fools! :D

  • 4/2 Took Arrianna shopping for a "work" wardrobe. The first outfit she came out of the dressing room with was bright green capris and a florescent, sheer yellow shirt. We all lost it laughing - so glad we were there to help.

gah - laryngitis

  • 4/3
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