• "i'll be the platform shoes, undo what heredity's done to you, you won't have to strain, to look into my eyes" (brand new colony, the postal service)
  • "quisiera ser el aire, que escapa de tu risa, quisiera ser la sal para escocerte en tus heridas, quisiera ser la sangre que envuelves con tu vida, quisiera ser el sueno que jamas compartirias y el jardin de tu alegria de la fiesta de tu piel" (quisiera ser, alejandro sanz)
  • "the fundamental loneliness goes whenever two can dream a dream together" (wave, sergio mendes )
  • "i'm not gonna write you to stay, if all you have is leaving imma need a better reason, oh i'd walk the seven seas if i believe that there's a reason to write you, a love song, today" (love song, sara bareilles)
  • "i need not to need, or else a love with intuition, someone who reaches out to my weakness and won't let go, i need not to need, i've always been a tower, but now i feel like i'm a flower trying to bloom in snow" (the tower vienna teng)
  • "i'm not talking 'bout movin' in, and i don't wanna change your life, but there's a warm wind blowing the stars around, and i'd really love to see you tonight" (i'd really love to see you tonight, england dan and john ford coley)
  • "gagawin ko ang lahat, pati ang thesis mo, 'wag mo lang ipagkait ang hinahanap ko" (ligaya, eraserheads)
  • "how i envy a cup that knows your lips, let it be me my love, and the table that feels your fingertips, let it be me, let me be your love" (like a lover, sergio mendes and brasil 66)
  • "kung maari lang naman, ako na lamang sana ang, maari mong gawin na kumot at unan mo" (kumot at unan, apo hiking society)
  • "just give me one more chance for one last time, just one more kiss to last a lifetime, one more chance, for one last time" (one more chance, piolo pascual)
  • "'di mo lang alam ako'y iyong nasaktan o baka sakali lang maisip mo naman, puro siya nalang, sana'y ako naman" (oo, up dharma down)
  • "hindi mo lang alam, takot lang akong masaktan, iniingatan lang aking puso, kung maibibigay ko lang ang sinasabi mo, 'di na sana tayo nagkakagulo-gulo pasensya ka na kung hanggang dito na muna tayo" (tulak ng bibig, julianne)
  • "no pretensions, no promises just wishes, and all, i am, is grateful for the stars which are you when they shine, oh they shine, oh they shine, in my sky" (stars, hungry young poets)
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