There are many things i don't want to forget about my granma, but here are some of the most important ones

  • she taught me poker when i was 8
  • we used to make train tickets on school paper and pretend to go on trips on the Orient Express (when she died, i looked for them everywhere but couldn't find them. so i made her tickets to London so she could come visit and left them with her. after the funeral i finally found the tickets)
  • she smelled like pressed powder and YSL's Opium.
  • she was nuts, in the best possible way
  • she was never old
  • she didn't like having her picture taken by surprise
  • she was always nagging my granpa, and then threatening to leave him - and then saying he was the best man alive.
  • the way she danced with my granpa in the old people's house
  • the letters she sent me were always filled with funny things and puns and double entendres
  • her amazing cooking

Really the list goes on and on and on.

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